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Talent Search & Selection

With RESET becoming the norm, the future of work is ever evolving. Defining what skills and experiences the new age roles will require and finding talent that meets those needs is a mammoth task for corporates. Globally, when the companies are taking firm steps towards going green and adopting sustainable business practices, it is imperative to spot talent with the right mindset and attitude to embrace the change. Here is where NEXO becomes your expert partner.

Our approach typically begins with an in-depth understanding of strategic talent requirements of the client. We dig deep and apply proven assessment techniques, business intelligence and unconventional strategies to identify specialized talent that is in line with client requirements. We support varied industries including niche requirements for the Renewable Energy industry across the globe.

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We earn trust of both our Clients and Candidates alike by offering transparent and timely support throughout the recruitment process. All our efforts are focused on getting the right fit candidate for the client and the right employer that meets candidates’ career aspirations. With us, you can experience Talent Matchmaking at its best!

HR Consulting 
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As businesses face headwinds, to sustain their operations getting more for less, is the mantra for the day. Obtaining maximised contribution from each resource becomes the need and the challenge of the hour.

Nexo helps companies to develop a recalibrated approach in resource management. This includes establishing sound HR processes, focused  talent search, compensation and benefits package structuring, performance management and feedback frameworks, objective reviews with shorter review cycles, morale-boosting engagements, customized training, enhancing employee experiences and establishing retention practices. Nexo is your easy to access repository of years of experience from which solutions can be devised for your specific people-related challenges to keep your forces “battle-ready” at all times.


Nexo offers support in advanced areas of Leadership Coaching and Development (Global Coach Group Certified Coaches), Employee Engagement Surveys, Experiential Learning programs, Assessment and Development Centres and much more. Each client situation is unique, and customising the right solution is the thumb rule for Nexo in all client engagements.  

Management Consulting

The world is ever-changing so is the transformation in business sectors. Adaptation and adoption of technology, sustainability, carbon emissions, circular materials have significantly found their place as part of business plans in the current world. It has become crucial for companies to reformulate strategies. Nexo offers excellent expertise to corporates with its vast repository of experience and knowledge in the fields of business process management and business transformation. 


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Nexo enables the broad business strategy structure as part of the offering that will allow the clients in organizational design and development, restructuring and reorganizing, implementing monitoring and review processes, handling change management, resources planning and acquisition, setting up and improving business processes and procedures, development of internal policies, performance analysis and improvement.

Industries Supported

  • Green / Renewable energy

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas Supplies & Services

  • FMCG

  • Supply Chain Services

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Information Technology

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Telecom

  • Commodities

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