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Optimizing resources in current times is high on everyone’s mind.


With cost of people being one of the major operational costs, business owners want to only have people who are able to contribute to their business’ success in a tangible manner. The Pareto principle, more commonly known as the 80:20 principle, applies here too, with not more than 20% of employees actually contributing to 80% of business success.

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Think about it, there are only 20% of this type of talent is available and now every employer is wanting them to join his / her company.


It is imperative to know more about such species of people that you so dearly want to be with you!

  • High productivity/ high potential candidates are very self-aware of their capabilities

  • A top performing superstar has many options even in tough times when the job market is not very great

  • They are keen to know more about your company, its management, work environment, development opportunities

  • Simply put, they NEED YOUR ATTENTION and will not move until they are convinced!


While companies and their HR Teams stay focused on enabling good working atmosphere during this chaos, devoting adequate time to attract these high performers may not always be possible. There is a limit as to how deep and wide you can go to look for those Gems.


Having a trusted Recruitment Partner by your side can be the game changer!

A proficient Recruitment Partner who is invested in your success, understands your company and is able to highlight the opportunity that your company offers to those in high demand. He is able to set realistic expectations on both sides and holds the process together through various steps.


The performers easily notice the engagement of the Recruitment Partner with the Client and feel free to ask questions, without being “politically correct”. Experienced Recruitment Partners have a developed ear to “listen” to the wants and aspirations of a candidate and also are able to spot “red flags” if any. While a vendor will be focused on making the sale, your Partner will be keen to see a long-term fitment of the candidate with your organization.


Confident pitch made to a candidate by a Recruitment Partner creates necessary credibility for the process and reputation of the Partner being “balanced” easily puts him in connect with the best in the game. Don’t we all know when someone is selling without adequate interest in knowing what we want?


Compensation discussions in a Recruitment process are never easy. Both sides duck and hit without knowing what or where the target is. A proficient negotiator will build on the expectations set right in the beginning and keep the discussions focused without veering off the course. Offer refusals are time consuming and leave a bad test for all.


Companies that invest time in engaging with the Recruitment Partner use them as an effective cushion to get the deal sealed to the satisfaction of both the employee and the employer.


The Recruitment Partner maintains every detail about what works and what doesn’t for you and learns effectively with each engagement.


Recruiting is an Art and a Science, a good partner knows the right blend and can deliver the goods offering a high ROI for the company in mid-long term.


Look no further, engage Nexo to find those Gems for you!


Article contributed by Rajiv Misra , Principal Consultant Nexo

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